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Mistress Clarissa of London

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Mistress Clarissa is an experienced professional lifestyle British Dominatrix and Hypnotic Mistress based in London. By nature she is calmly assertive, confident in her power and comfortable in her own skin, its evident she enjoys her work very much. Mistress is refined, sensual and sadistic and playful and enjoys employing her imagination in arriving at new ways to humble, tease, seduce, control, dominate, train and mesmerize. Mistress Clarissa prides Herself on her ability to connect with and physically and psychologically Dominate her subs/slaves as unique individuals.
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Mistress The Hunteress

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Mistress The Hunteress ..
I am well-practiced in the art of Corporal Punishment and have developed outstanding skills with the cane. My reputation in the UK is one of the most severe. I am also adept at catering for the novice too, so the previous sentence should not deter you from contacting Me. Not all sessions have to be about physical pain or marks.Please be aware that session availability in London is in high demand. The earlier you put your application in the better chance you stand of getting an appointment.
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Mistress Dominatrix Hourglass

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Mistress Dominatrix Hourglass ..
Am an intelligent, perceptive mature Mistress with over 12 years experience putting men through their paces here in London and on Skype! Nothing you say or do will shock me. I have heard it all before, seen it all before… Discretion is my middle name, what happens in my domain stays there. 100% confidentiality guaranteed. I veer towards the creative, erotic, tactile, sensual side of play and like get up close as a ‘hands on’ player. If the mood takes me, I may bring out my ‘firm but fair’ authority figure and/or nurturing side.
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Mistress Goddess Electra

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Mistress Goddess Electra ..
Assertive, seductive and commanding Pro-Domme in London .. a slim, highly educated, sophisticated and arousing Pro-Domme in central London. I am in my mid-thirties and very ambitious and domineering for my age. What makes me unique as a Domina is that I am indeed a successful business woman / CEO attracted to the business world because of my desire to lead and dominate. It is also what attracted me to the world of domination and psychological BDSM.
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Mistress Tytania

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Mistress Tytania ..
Ms Tytania isn’t just another London Domme: she is a true one off. As a creative, experimental Domina who caters for the most unusual fetishes, the niche kinks, she loves men in rope as a true Japanese Rope Bondage (Shibari) Mistress; full rope suspension of the big burly male; haircut and head shaving fetish in her Femdom Barberette Salon; off-the street and in-house Femdom kidnapping and anything that will take her off the trodden path of dungeons and chains. Her tastes are unique.Established in East London since 2002 (before it was cool), but a lifestyle Domme for much longer. Ms Tytania is a Mistress of her kinky craft, still exploring her own kinks and interests, and would like to help you discover and explore yours. It’s a life time adventure. Her experience allows her to create sessions that are ultimately fulfilling to both Mistress and sub, because her Femdom Fetish Studio in East London is a unique image of her own eroticism and desires. Urban Chicks Ms Tytania, Ms Rebekka Raynoer and Ms Slide (and many of Ms Tytania’s friends) , ditch the bland comforts of the boudoir, to capture, drag off the streets and interrogate, helpless members of the inferior male species.
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