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Mistress Miss Kay O

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I am Miss.Kay.O and I am a Martial Arts Mistress. As a competitive fighter with years of experience behind me, I bring an effortless physically to my sessions. My skill and technique ensure you will be pushed to your limits in an environment that is safe, controlled, and playful.

Mistress Miss Kitty Bliss

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Nurturing newbies and novices to the more extreme! I indulge in, perform and enjoy many forms of play.
I am House Domme and founder of  Sanctum in London EN5, Subversion & Subversion Noir – I frequent many fetish events and I am also the founder and organiser of The Circle Of O parties.

Mistress Amberleigh

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I have many loyal slaves who have served me for years over this time they have built up trust with me and I have pushed limits and boundaries for there dedication they have been collared which is the ultimate reward for servitude.I enjoy most forms of fetish from light CP to bizarre role play so long as it is safe and consensual.

Mistress Miss Pierced Laura

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Welcome, slave. I am Miss Laura, your playful, yet strict Mistress.
For me, BDSM is about those special moments when the Domina and the slave truly connect with each other.

Mistress Lady Valeska

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valeska 3

Lady Valeska is the epitome of Alpha Female. Dominance is an integral party of Her every fiber. She is refined, educated, independent, and ambitious. Her statuesque presence will inspire you to be taken to your edge. Whether it is tickle torture, ashtray play, high protocol, humiliation, sissification or latex worship; She has a passion for it all! She derives pure exhilaration from your suffering. your mind, body and ego will be for Her amusement. you will be on your knees begging for more. Dare to jump down the rabbit hole?

Mistress Miss Jessica Wood

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I am a real strict woman offering 1-2-1 sessions and also have a website where you can buy videos clips of me in action. Working since 2003, I have a wicked sense of humour and roleplay is a speciality of mine along with spanking/caning, facesitting and ballbusting although I love lots of other activities like foot/shoe/boot worship, trampling, fantasy wrestling and more…

Mistress Madame BonBon

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DYahbzbXcAAbV6AMadame BonBon began Her journey to dominance as a lifestyle mistress, learning and practising with previous partners and personal slaves. From there onward, with her knowledge, she progressed into becoming a professional Mistress. Her first experiences were with spanking and have developed into a love of corporal punishment. The sight of a slave squirming from the sting of Her crop makes Her heart soar!

Mistress Lady Dark Angel

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angel_cross_02As a SUPERIOR GODDESS, I demand total obedience and complete loyalty from all my subs. Serving me is your greatest honour and privilege. As your Imperious, Immaculate Goddess of pain and pleasure, I simply love getting into the zone. So will you when you strive to serve Me, always giving Me of your very best. Nothing else will do.

Mistress Eclipse

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image-2I am a sophisticated, dominant woman, an Alfa Female, commanding men to kneel at My feet. At a mere 5ft 1 you’ll soon discover that what I lack in height I make up for in authority. My size 4 feet will have no problem with putting you in your place while I take you on a journey of fantasy, pleasure and pain.

Mistress Absolute

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I have always been dominant, even from an early age. I love My work and take great pleasure from meeting new and fun submissives. My greatest thrills come from the relationships built up over time, between Me and My slaves . Trust and respect go both ways and are an integral part of any session I do . I enjoy many forms of fetish, from the sublime to the ridiculous…

Mistress Lady Zara

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DlyIXYiW0AQqXYcHighly experienced FemDom Goddess …whom enjoys female supremacy & fetish, for those with experience and total beginners wishing to explore.You will be addressing me as Miss or Mistress- I’m the tall 5’10 leggy blonde goddess that thrives on your weaknesses and adores being empowered by your servitude!

Mistress Miss Marilyn

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Miss Marilyn is a curvaceous and wicked Dominatrix. With over 5 years experience of being a full-time Professional Mistress, Marilyn has dominated men all over Europe and enjoys working mainly from The Auld School in Glasgow. With a particular passion for any and ALL role-plays, you can expect that your session with this devil-woman will never be a dull one! With a great love and respect for her craft, Miss Marilyn is involved with many aspects of BDSM in her personal life and sees BDSM as more of a lifestyle than a hobby. Beginners and experienced subs will find exactly what they’re looking for with this stunning, knowledgable Domina.

Mistress Kali

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kidnap-female-domination-sessions-london-cruel-mistressSensual, Ruthless and Experienced Dominatrix born and bred in London. I am a Trickster. Healer. Compelling. Fiercely intelligent. I honour my namesake, the ferocious Goddess Kali: slayer, dark mother, and the death of ego.

Mistress Goddess Sophia

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Dn2ivRRXkAAZQ-nI am primarily based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, where I session from a domestic location a five minute drive from the town centre. This location includes a small but well equipped playroom in addition to the usual domestic rooms. I am also available for sessions at the Leeds Chambers Of Depravation, close to Leeds/Bradford airport. It is advisable to book in advance if you want a session here, as it can get very busy.

Mistress Bliss

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Dh_Zp1oWkAAovGrFeatured on stages across various private and public fetish and BDSM events and clubs over London and the globe. Catch Me locally at The Box, Torture Garden, Unleashed, AntiChrist, Cirque Le Soir, KunsKammer, Berlin Berlin.. to name a few.

Mistress Governess Elizabeth

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1461404529_dsc_0534This redhead Dominatrix takes great pleasure in exploring your imagination, your desires, your fantasies; tempting you, teasing you and testing your limits. I adore role play, anal play, strap-ons, forced feminisation/slut training, corporal punishment (particularly using the cane and tawse), CBT, electrics, (predicament) bondage and tie and tease. I am the authoritarian Woman who punishes you for your misdemeanours because I care. I am your Leader who will guide you and train you to the most exacting standards, whether that requires humiliation or humility.

Mistress Miss Crush

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I am ambitious, strict and determined. I thrive on what I do, but I expect only the best behaviour from my submissives. I have a way with men, and I always have. I specialise in strap on play, sissy play, corporal punishment, cbt, and worship. I am based in Central Brighton, with an equipped playroom, latex bedding, and a wardrobe of glossy black rubber …

Mistress Aleera

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R31-686x1024Aleera, Queen of Wolves, Sadist and Tormentor of men and women alike. A primitive leader, earning her rank amongst the aristocratics of the fetish world. Aleera specialises in pain management. From full on physical degradation to dismantling the minds of those who dare to kneel before her. She is Relentless Dominance in the purest form.

Mistress Dominica De Sin

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I am Dominica De Sin, a beautiful and divine Mistress, who loves to tease my slaves into submission. Watching you squirm before me, gives me the greatest pleasure. I will push your boundaries to feed my lust for my domination over you. I am the sensual, sophisticated Dominatrix that you have longed to submit to.

Mistress Zoe Noir

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Don’t fool into my beauty cause behind my feline face and porcelain skin you will find an impatient and sadistic mind .. the most intoxicating cocktail of contradictions you will ever experienced.

Mistress Phoenix

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T0TU24YII am a professional London born Dominatrix. I started in this industry as a Fetish performer. I have travelled the world performing live BDSM shows for public and private events. Along the way, I naturally drew the attention of submissive’s and slaves, some of which are still loyal up to this day.

Mistress Raven

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DHvyCjGW0AAPiHbI am a mid 40’s mature busty brunette Mistress who has a wide variety of interests to explore with you. Whether you are new to the exciting world of BDSM, just taking the first steps of your journey, or a lifelong experienced slave/submissive, I will cater a session to your needs. For this to happen open dialogue with nothing hidden is essential to exploring hidden depths and meeting this craving fantasies.

Mistress Miss Luci White

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Mistress Luci White
While My Northern roots reveal a down to earth straight talking approach, I create a unique and enthralling encounter for all who kneel before Me ensuring each experience is tailored for My slaves to maximise both O/our enjoyment. I am equally comfortable using My beauty to tease and frustrate as I am torturing the hardened pain fetishist or humbling those who crave humiliation.

Mistress Tanya

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8I am Mistress Tanya of London, born and raised in Finland. My Scandinavian heritage has bestowed upon me a delicate fair skin and long golden blond wavy hair. Nature has given me an hour glass figure, designing me to allure and entice the opposite sex.

Mistress Governess Painless

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05.09.16-HoxtonDS-1.2.1-WebAss-circle05.09.16-HoxtonDS-4.3-WebAss-2-circleDo not be fooled by My name, I am a lover of irony and as sadistic as they come. Masochists know Me for never using the cane sparingly, one of My favorite implements that I enjoy using on both bottoms and genitals. CBT is an activity I thoroughly love, these little feet were also made for ball busting. My precise aim delivers a thorough cock caning, while My long nails will scratch and pinch and My tight firm grip will not release your balls until you’ve turned to putty in My hands.

Mistress Joanne Campbell

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I am a professional fetishist. My primary kinks are sadomasochism and power play; I love inflicting suffering and I love having power. My style is playful, sweet, and encouraging when you’re being good for me, but if you displease me then I will instantaneously switch to a stern disciplinarian. I do not tolerate disobedience and my physical strength and iron will allow me to enforce the standards of behaviour that I expect.

Mistress Domina Regina

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I’m Mistress Gina Regina a professional and lifestyle German Dominatrix, Mistress, Domme working in Earls Court, London UK. I’ve discovered the BDSM fetish scene at a very early age and have been evolving ever since. With 10 years of professional experience in the world of BDSM, you are truly in safe hands.

Mistress Sakura Strike

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2502posts18_05For me respecting the limits, respect, safety, trust and having fun are the most important things about BDSM. You should feel nervous, yet safe as you journey into your innermost fantasies and desires, and be able to explore your submissive side.

Mistress Ingrid Frost

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I’m Scandinavian by origin and I was raised by my very dominant ( but very loving and protective towards me ) mother and grandmother, so I was raised by two very domme women as a child . I’ve started to dominate males and have slaves since I was a teen at school ! Just for my own fun and pleasure .

Mistress Vea Luz

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I will guide you through your personal journey, edify your spirit and subjugate you into a thorough exploration of an uncharted world of sensations which will awaken that fervour in you which you never knew existed.  With my eyes I will arrest you, with my body I will stun you and with my cool, calm and assertive voice I will enchant you and have you at my mercy for good.  You will solely exist, To serve, to worship, to suffer, to savour..

Mistress Goddess Seira

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Goddess Seira came to London from Asia to abuse you for my pleasure. Petite & Gorgeous Feet and Charming Voice. Goddess Seira adores role play, foot worship, anal play, humiliation, CBT, sensual tie and tease, corporal punishment, bondage, sensory deprivation play, and nipple torture.

Mistress Chatterley

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Sessions with me can be described as erotic, sensual and strict. As a Pro Domme my sessions are tailored to the level of experience and fantasy that you desire. Mistress Chatterley invites submissive slaves both male and female to her well-equipped chambers in London W1. Only those willing to obey me and realize their innermost fantasies should contact me.

Mistress Goddess Anastaxia

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Welcome, my kinky explorer. You have opened the gates to my divine world of BDSM; a safe space to feel comfortable in your kinky skin. My slave appetite is growing. I live to share my Sacred practice with the finest subs this earth has to offer. Could it be you that I prey on next? My name is Anastaxia Draganova. A unique London Dominatrix !

Mistress Maria Harlow

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I am the well known and experienced West Midlands Pro Domme, Mistress Maria Harlow. I am a strict Mistress and dominatrix and am available for pain and pleasure sessions in The West Midlands, Birmingham, Worcestershire, UK. I regularly meet with submissives from Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, and Birmingham.

Mistress Glamazon Goddess

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I am UNIQUE.  I am full of beauty and brutality all woman standing 6ft with 43 inch legs and an impressive natural 36FF cleavage with a big round bootay to die for.  Not only will my ravishing figure make you weak to your knees but i am very blessed with piercing big green eyes foxy red hair, full natural lips to tease and taunt you with.

Mistress Madame Helle

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MH_Cane_WIth_Logo (1)

Elegance and sophistication combined with Madam’s divine figure will immediately command obedience and bring all supplicants to their knees, where Madam likes them to be until told otherwise! Madam’s extensive experience will bring Her expertise down upon any individual brave enough to experience Her world of BDSM. Madam expects perfection and strict adherence to all rules and protocols at all times, which will feel natural and correct under Her guidance. She unlocks Her supplicants’ potential and lock in any resistance until training is complete and all expectations have been shattered.

Mistress Saphire

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As a professional Manchester and Edinburgh Mistress with many years of experience within the world of BDSM I pride myself on my knowledge and skill in delivering an unforgettable session. I am very capable of dealing with the complete novice right through to the experienced kink enthusiast. I cover a large spectrum of BDSM and fetish activities.

Mistress Annabel

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Enter My bizarre kinky world. One of the UK’s most lavishly equipped playspaces. Submit your body and mind for My dark perverted pleasure. I am a nipple torture/cbt and milking specialist. Many unique treatments to make you take more for My pleasure….

Mistress Princess Aurora

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Don’t be fooled by my innocent exterior, I’m a lifestyle fetishist who frequently attends alternative events all over Europe. I’ve got a vivid imagination, a bratty mean streak and I take a lot of pleasure in cutting men down to size. I’ve always been aware of losers checking me out while I’m shopping, eating or relaxing with my girlfriends, it makes me sick, and now it’s time for a little payback!

Mistress Femdom London

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Latex Wrapped, Princess of Perversion, Victoria’s Secret Fallen Angel, Seductive Sodomiser
Lover of the Androgynous ..I AM Mistress London ..Worship this body and let me take yours!

Mistress Princess Jessika

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I enjoy making you into my slave.  You will do as I ask and thank me for it. I will laugh at you as you grovel at My feet.  You realize, on your knees, hands behind your back, you belong to me. Listen to me mock and humiliate you, taunting and teasing. I am in control and you are my little puppet.

Mistress Wildfire

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BDSM is my one true passion. I love nothing more than stretching the limits (and bodies) of those lucky enough to attract my time and attention. I truly appreciate the D/s power exchange and treat it as a way of indulging my dominant nature. I cherish the mental connection between me and my slaves – the most important part of having a fulfilling D/s relation, and take equal delight both in guiding the first steps of the curious novice, as well as in leading experienced players into the darker and more deviant recesses of the kink world.

Mistress Tiffany Naylor

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It has been said before that I smile and laugh a lot – this is true; I can do the stern and cruel side of things but because I genuinely enjoy punishing and toying with my visitors, I am often grinning as I twist your mind (and other body parts!) during our time together. I am educated, sarcastic and creative in my approach to what I do.

Miss Antonia Davenshaw

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3rd_shoot_TJ_004bazoeretouch-rm_copy_3In the pantheon of Female Dominants in the UK Miss Antonia Davenshaw occupies a unique and exceptional position among other London Mistresses. Whereas they present themselves as explicitly fetishistic dominants catering to the lovers of leather and latex, Miss Davenshaw is simply a stunningly beautiful, sophisticated, well-spoken woman with an enticing mix of corporate severity and educated feminine power. Accordingly, she has moved seamlessly to occupy what has been for far too long, a gap in the market for a Domme who can cater to submissives craving the attentions of a stern Boss in a more corporate mould…

Mistress Tytania

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Ms Tytania isn’t just another London Domme: she is a true one off. As a creative, experimental Domina who caters for the most unusual fetishes, the niche kinks, she loves men in rope as a true Japanese Rope Bondage (Shibari) Mistress; full rope suspension of the big burly male; haircut and head shaving fetish in her Femdom Barberette Salon; off-the street and in-house Femdom kidnapping and anything that will take her off the trodden path of dungeons and chains. Her tastes are unique.

Miss Ria Harpsichord

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Miss Ria Harpsichord is a young Professional and Financial Dominatrix based in London and Bristol. She provides BDSM services online and in in-person sessions and regularly tours the UK. Miss Ria is also a lifestyle domme who enjoys financial domination as well as more traditional BDSM practices including D/s, bondage, impact play, sensation play and humiliation. Hauntingly beautiful, Miss Ria is known for her charisma and keen intellect, a meeting with her is as psychologically challenging as it physically demanding.​