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Mistress Tess of Scotland

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Mistress Tess of Scotland UK Dominatrix who offers exquisite real time sessions in Birmingham Warwick Reading High Wycombe,Gatwick London also enjoy the softer sensual side of domination .. anal play for me there is not bigger power exchange..
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Mistress Clarissa of London

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Mistress Clarissa is an experienced professional lifestyle British Dominatrix and Hypnotic Mistress based in London. By nature she is calmly assertive, confident in her power and comfortable in her own skin, its evident she enjoys her work very much. Mistress is refined, sensual and sadistic and playful and enjoys employing her imagination in arriving at new ways to humble, tease, seduce, control, dominate, train and mesmerize. Mistress Clarissa prides Herself on her ability to connect with and physically and psychologically Dominate her subs/slaves as unique individuals.
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