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The Disciplinarian Mistress

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The Disciplinarian Mistress.. Huddersfield BDSM, Corporal Punishment and Spanking themes .. I am an experienced, intelligent, imaginative Mistress, who can reveal your fantasies with a sense of humour and a passion for corporal punishment in all its forms. Be warned: I seek perfection, and I demand respect, worship and strict obedience from you. I am sadistic and can be cruel but also understanding.
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Mistress The Hunteress

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Mistress The Hunteress ..
I am well-practiced in the art of Corporal Punishment and have developed outstanding skills with the cane. My reputation in the UK is one of the most severe. I am also adept at catering for the novice too, so the previous sentence should not deter you from contacting Me. Not all sessions have to be about physical pain or marks.Please be aware that session availability in London is in high demand. The earlier you put your application in the better chance you stand of getting an appointment.
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Mistress Lady Nina Birch

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Mistress Lady Nina Birch ..
A Resident Mistress of The English Mansion ..Although more than familiar with all aspects of domination, I’m passionate about corporal punishment and the uniforms, outfits, and props that go toward building the fantasy. My personal collection of CP implements exceeds 100 and I’m always on the lookout for more. I’ve also had larger pieces of equipment built to my own specifications, allowing me greater versatility within play.
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