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Mistress Goddess Anastaxia

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Mistress Goddess Anastaxia ..
My name is Anastaxia Draganova. A unique London Dominatrix. You will refer to me as Goddess Anastaxia. I am the true definition of beauty & elegance with a twist. A Passionate player, enticingly provocative & intoxicatingly sultry. Discretion & professionalism are instrumental in my practice. I am the most authentic London dominatrix you will ever have the pleasure of associating with. Well educated, well traveled, well trained, well off. My thirst for knowledge & curious nature has lead me to delve deep into this fascinating world & continuously update my skills. My wild imagination adopts to alternative realities naturally, like a chameleon. I have cultivated my own unique style of domination. You are going to love it. I am quirky, fun, eccentric, energetic & sassy. My sessions are exhilarating & intense. Nobody would suspect a creature as gorgeous, delightful & charming as me, could be so very cruel & inhumane.
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