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Mistress Glamazon Goddess

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Mistress Glamazon Goddess ..
I am unique dominatrix.. I am full of beauty and brutality all woman standing 6FT with 45 inch legs and an impressive natural 36FF cleavage with a big round booty to die for. Not only will my ravishing figure make you weak to your knees but i am very blessed with piercing big green eyes foxy red hair and full natural lips to tease and taunt you with. I love direct eye contact towering over you in my 6 inch thigh high leather boots. I have a stunning Twin Sister who i dominate with over at her spectacular villa in Spain and when she is down here in UK. I see my Domination as a lifestyle, I thrive off humiliating men and getting exactly what i want and making you boys squirm. I am fully aware of my blessings and what i’m capable of and use it to my full advantage. Mentally i will over power you with being blessed with beauty and brains, i have a strong intellectual mind with a good education, life and work experience. With over 5 years online and real time experience I adapt well with newbies and connecting with most subs that are naturally submissive and obedient male species. I do have a lot of fun in my sessions and i do love to giggle and live my life to the fullest – by doing what i do best and abusing you boys!
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