Mistress Empress Poison

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Mistress Empress Poison ..
As a natural born sadist I have dominated the men in my personal life from a very young age, I enjoy using psychology and the senses to enrich my sessions. I have Seven years of acting/performance training
I am internationally known for my clips studio Haus of poison which specializes in Medical Fetish, adult diaper and Poppers Intoxication. I am a young London Dominatrix, providing both modern and traditional styled BDSM sessions for submissive clients of all experiences and cultures. When attending my session you must be clean/polite and respectful. I am 25 years old- with two years professional experience and eight years personal in BDSM/Fetish. I am 5ft7 Bare foot and a dress size 8. I have medium length black hair with eyes that change between grey blue and green. I have size seven feet. I am currently training in aerial hoop- So I am very fit with muscular arms. I have impeccable stamina in physically demanding roles. My corporal punishment is not for the faint hearted. I have a well spoken Sussex English Accent
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