Mistress Emerald

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Mistress Emerald ..
I offer something a little different; those who have read ‘Venus in furs’ will recognize my domination style. I do not degrade myself by indulging in infantile games but exercise total control over my slaves with an imperious sense of style. I am an intelligent and articulate Mistress (Degree educated), sardonically cruel with a penchant for the dramatic. Charming one moment, vicious the next; A session with me is a pleasure for me and a paradox for you! A truly incredible journey – you won’t know if you are coming or going! Refreshingly I also believe that BDSM can be fun too! I am that rarest of things, a long established, highly efficient professional Dominatrix who also has a sense of humor.I stand approx. 5’6” but as I invariably wear heels I may be up to 6’ when you meet me.
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